First Post - Ed

San Francisco-based Motion Graphics artist, Flash Developer, Illustrator.

Academy of Art University
MFA - computer arts new media
University of Virginia
BFA - photography, digital media

Radford University, Clinch Valley College
microbiology, pre-medicine

I am also working on a game. It is an MMORPG about human(ish) technology turning into macro-organisms competing for resources. It is basically about the next step of human evolution where societies become sentient in a sort of group-think, repeating what went on with ancient prokaryotic bacteria assembling themselves and their environments into eukaryotic cells, then into multicellular organisms. We'll see how that goes.
Prokaryotic cells assembling eukaryotic life? Explained a bit in this old motion graphic I made awhile back:

Illustrator, AfterEffects. Music is NIN's A Warm Place.

We are in the process of overstepping our substrate. We will forfeit our individual consciousnesses in order to organize ourselves in desperate survivalism.

Also, recently I animated a logo reveal for my resistorboy avatar:

Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, Actionscript3 (to generate the white audio waves, see below). The sound is an edit of a piece of music of mine with the beautiful & talented Malena sampled on violin.

I also toyed with some real-time music visualization while experimenting with the SoundChannel class in Actionscript3.

ActionScript3, no timeline. Music is a moment from the Kronos Quartet's Caravan album. Looks horrible full-screen at this embedded resolution, but you get it. Renders different each play in the app itself, drastically different for different songs. HD on Vimeo.

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