Old Work

I brought an old external hard drive (named puck for how beat up it was) back to life and found some random files I'd forgotten about, so I'm posting them along with some other random illustrations and style sheets.

Four graphic redesign pitches for the same website, open in a new tab to see full size(in lieu of blogspot's weird lightbox viewer):

One of the stylesheets from the same series as Warmongers was from. Electricity.
Click on and use arrows to drive the car around in this old test flash program. Not many of my flash files can get placed into blogspot because of their reference hierarchy, but this one fits.

Some of the UI and gameplay concepts. You could pick two main character types in this game. One would be typical of most top-down rendered games where you can expand your sight radius by improving your lights and leveling.  The other, since the game was a lot about hiding, you could commit to lights-off and expand the radius of your different sensors, rendering the game's aesthetic more like vector art and icons, something more like geometry wars. This concept was to reinvent the graphical stealth system.  Remember Majormud?  Ever since the mmorpg world went graphical, the idea of stealth has been a flaky one; this sought to fix that and simultaneously create two very different game experiences in the same engine.  Badass, right?  I would love to see this idea get incorporated into a full game with or without me.  This was part of my UX Design thesis when I was in my first MFA program (Interactive Design, New Media) at AAUClick to enlarge.

*Edit: PlayPlace logo reveal from around the same time. Designed logo in Illustrator, AfterEffects for motion, Logic audio.

Texturing with MODO
I've avoided texturing thus far because I like cell, angle, and procedural shaders way too much, but this is my first legitimate texture painting project. Not my model, and some fixes left to make, reduce the spec a bit, not to mention the heel clip and the slight pirouette in the turntable, but here's my so far after a couple hours.

Modo & Maya