Second Major & Thesis

MFA - Animation and Visual EffectsAs my MFA in New Media came to a close, it felt like a very shallow skill set that I'll be leaving with.  I came to make compelling graphics and have the ability to tell interactive stories.  That department has a lot of ideas about UX, but very few so far as how to execute them.  I'm kind of a gearhead, so I was not content with having opinions in lieu of applied development knowledge, so I have started into another degree program to fill in the gaps.  Animation and Visual Effects. They're pretty badass in here and they don't pull their punches. I'm focusing on leveraging my scripting knowledge into particle dynamics, and compositing with remnants from motion graphics, but I get amped with every discipline there is, so I'll probably end up a generalist ..rotoing in a dark corner somewhere. We'll see, eh?Here's a styleblast I made for Survivalism, which is a more futuristic version (and seeks to be more true to the social evolution into macrobiology concept behind it) of my New Media Resistance 2101 thesis, in a short linear animation as a movie/game intro:

Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, Cinema4D

Here's my first Maya model and animation from my first semester of 3D Animation & VFX:

I stuck with the style from the styleblast above with the blues, greens, reflections and shininess.  Quite rigid body animation; I spent about 7 hours on the first shot trying to learn what does what and getting my rig to work for me, and about an hour on the second shot.  I quite like the first shot, I tried to have her execute a running movement I'd make. 

Until then, here's a compositing shot I put together.

This was for Vince DeQuattro; Had to pick an HD scene to rip with an actor you could remove, shoot a friend in the greenscreen room(used a Panasonic HVX200 with this), clean plate and then comp him into the missing actor's place in aftereffects/nuke.