Warmongers & Random Moving Things

One of the graphics from the Survivalism project:

Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, Flash
This is the motif of the bad guys, reds, soot, metal and fire.  Needs a preloader...

Made in Houdini:

by the way, Luka Stolyarov's Houdini class is awesome. That is all.

Made in Cinema4D, AfterEffects, Flash:

I like the gif better than the swf..

Made in AfterEffects:

This is a product shot made for the UX designer for an high end interactive table. You know, watch movies, access the net, control a central jukebox, order drinks, ask for dishes to be picked up, instant message other tables in the club, that sort of thing. The Art director for this environment and the designer of the idea and UI interface that isn't part of this shot is Michelle DeLeon. Made in C4D, Maya, AfterEffects: